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Designing Play to Create

                      A 21st Century Play pedagogy letting kids   Play-   Tinker-    Have Fun    through play

Tinker Creatorlab is a steam play based playful learning program which unlocks the power of play for playful learning, innovation and creativity. 

Artful play is skilfully designed for enhanced optimal development and creativity in children. It offers playful learning opportunities for young children. 

Its Sensory integration, Maker activities , Reggio inspired projects and  fully incorporated  STEAM based  playful learning program, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) invite children to play, explore, create, make, investigate, problem solve and collaborate as well as accentuate fine motor skills.

Building our future starts with a focus on early child development.  Tinker Creatorlab also engages kids in creative computing, makerspace activities, computational thinking and tinkering.  

We inspire and pioneer Innovation Literacy and our hands on playful learning inspire curiosity and encourage problem solving skills in children.  

At the same time, we see play as play – in all it’s exuberance, wonder, laughter and focus. The freshness of play inspires creativity and accentuates 21st century skills. It is about playful learning and curiosity.

Tinker Creatorlab is designed to help your child engage in creative thinking, make, create, develop cognitively, linguistically, socially, emotionally and holistically.  Letting kids learn through play.  


The Creator of Tinker Creatorlab 

Amina Sader, founder of Tinker Creatorlab is an internationally qualified Montessori educator with experience in early childhood development. Amina is a steam PLay based early child development learning and play innovator.  Amina recognises the  importance of play in early child development and developed Tinker Creatorlab. She has over 18 years experience as a Montessori educator. She has engaged and worked with children as a Montessori Educator as well as trains future educators in early child development, Montessori pedagogy, play based learning innovations and facilitates  lego 6 bricks workshops.  Amina has created and designed Tinker Creatorlab.



 There is nothing in the intellect that is not first in the senses –  Maria Montessori
 The best learning takes place when the learner takes charge – Seymour Papert

 The role of the teacher is to create conditions of invention rather than provide ready made knowledge – Seymour Papert

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  1. aslm could we have more information on ur classes,we are a school and would like to introduce ur classes to our oo and grade R kids

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